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Established in 2011
We are a creative, award winning, highly skilled and trained group of tattooers and artists.  We are well versed in all the newest and traditional techniques in tattooing. You will not find flash here, as we are a custom only tattoo shop.  With a customer service friendly attitude and our  many combined years of experience, our artist takes your idea, or creates one for you, and expertly makes it real and takes it to the next level.
Every tattoo is unique. Your tattoo may require one or many sittings. We take the time to consider your ideas and craft an innovative design that is all you.  We take your vision and make it a reality.
We are "Spokane's Premier Tattoo Shop" ™®

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Jeremy Corns

Peter Koskela

Shayne Swenson

Nate Davenport

BillyJack Armtrout

Kyle Carpino

Reggie Armtrout

Juan Reyes


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