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​We opened our doors in 2011 to change the image of the tattoo industry in Spokane, WA. It started with Jeremy Corns on his own, then quickly developed into what we are today, a tattoo family.  Our goal and motto for more than a decade, is to do great tattoo work, while creating the most customer friendly environment possible for our clients.  We are a group of highly skilled and experienced tattooers/artists. Here at Anchored Art, we have a tattooer for any style you're looking for. We are not your regular tattoo shop, but an upscale custom tattoo studio. We take pride in our above average customer service, making sure our clients feel comfortable and are treated with the

utmost respect and care while they are in our shop. We 100% stand behind our work.

Anchored Art goes above and beyond the

standard for cleanliness. Our priority is making sure your tattoo procedure

is done at the highest quality, as well as the most medically sterile way.
We are certified in blood borne pathogen training to prevent cross contamination,

First aid trained & a 100% disposable equipment shop.