Drawing policy:

We understand the permanency of your tattoo, and that you may want to see a full drawing or sketch before your appointment time & day for approval. However, our shop policy is that drawings and designs will not be ready to view/make changes to until the day of your appointment.  Please review the tattooers portfolios to see whose style fits you best.

 Most of our tattooers have appointments scheduled out, and they tattoo every day. In order to have a drawing/design ready for each client they tattoo, they have to design the tattoo the night or a few days before the scheduled appointment.  They physically do not have enough time in the day/week/month to “pre-draw” for every client to approve on random days before the clients appointment, and will never send a drawing or sketch through text or email. No exceptions will be made.

 This policy/system is in place to avoid frustration 1st and foremost for the client, and then the tattooer.  We are confident in what we do and will  make changes you request to designs on the day of the appointment. This way the tattooer can have a better grasp of placement and flow of your body, some of our artist draw directly on the skin before tattooing so confidence and trust is important.  Please email your idea and any reference after you schedule your appointment.  You can also always have a consult before you schedule or make a deposit to view the tattooers work and discuss your idea. Consultations are free.  Thank you!

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