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Some information on choosing the right tattooer:

At Anchored Art (& all tattoo shops for that matter) we have a variety of artists, who all have completely different styles of tattooing. Some do realism, some do not. Some only do small tattoos, some only do larger scale work, etc. As all artists do, who paint or do any other type of art, everyone has their own style and ability. If you see a tattoo done and think, “That’s exactly what I want” , choose the artist at our shop who did that tattoo. Choose the artist at our shop who does a similar style, not just an artist at our shop who is available sooner. We have worked hard to establish a “name” in the area as doing good work, however, not all tattoos styles can be done by all artists. You might have your mind set and want a certain style but will get another if you choose the wrong tattooer. Example: If you love Realism floral work, don’t schedule with one of our traditional artists, because you’ll get a traditional flower. If you are looking for a specific style, look through portfolios, find the artist who does this style and is the best fit for your idea, or you may not be as happy as you can be. Just because one person loves their piece done by the guy they referred you to does not mean you’ll be happy with that specific tattooer. Research, ask questions, consult and find the artist at our shop that’s right for you. We can also help you find the right artist at our shop who best suites the style you’re requesting.

A tattooer at our shop may refer you to a different tattooer at our shop during a consultation or via email. We don’t do this because that artist is “arrogant” or “above” your idea, or “doesn’t want to work with you” (of course they want to have you commission them for their tattoo work). They do this because we care, and the style you are wanting may best be done by another artist in the shop, as it’s their style and not the style of the artist your consulting with or emailing. They don’t want to waste your time and theirs by going back and forth consulting when it will be done better by another.

Some of our artists are booked out far. Some clients get detoured, upset or even angry by this. This is just how far they’ve gotten scheduled out, and they can’t do anything about it but try and be courteous and offer you their next available if they feel you are wanting work best done by them. We are a team here and we know who would do your idea best.

If you’re coming through town or are moving soon, it’s probably not the time to try and quickly get in for a full sleeve or a complex tattoo. You need to consult and schedule with the right artist as that’s how you’ll get the best end result. After all, your tattoo is permanently displayed on your only body you’ll ever have.

We at Anchored Art Tattoo care about your tattoo, and we care about the art work and tattoos attached to our name. We also care greatly about the customer service you receive and stand behind our work. If your not happy, call us, email us, come in and speak to us. If you think you’ve chosen the wrong tattooer (at any time during your tattoo process or before) call & change it to the right one. Time will pass quickly and the next available appointment time with the right artist will come quicker than it seems. The decision to get in faster, or not looking at the artist work will stay with you forever.

After you’ve looked here at the portfolios (link on home page)  please look at the tattooers tattoo Instagrams or other social media for their work.

Thank you for choosing our shop!

Tattoo artist contact information

Jeremy Corns

to schedule with Jeremy call the shop.

Peter Koskela

to schedule with Peter email him.

Shayne Swenson

to schedule with Shayne

call the shop.

Kyle Carpino

to schedule with Kyle call the shop.

Shawn Wolfe

To schedule with Shawn call the shop.

BillyJack Armtrout

to schedule with Billy call the shop.

Reggie Armtrout

To schedule call the shop

Simon Gentry

​to schedule call the shop.

Ole Madrigales

to schedule call the shop.

Nate Davenport

to schedule call the shop.

Chris Freeborg

to schedule call the shop.